Hi guys and girls i am Pete and this is all a bit new to me here i have been mucking around in my shed for years now never really mastered  anything but i get it done  have tried most things . i like making things out of steel welding and plasma cutting but i find most of the consumables you buy for your gear are quite expensive and as i am only working in my back yard i dont find it worth the money sometimes as i am only  doing home handyman stuff . anyway i did a bit of research to try and find some better priced consumables and now i am trying to pass on any saving i found to you guys . we specialize in generic consumables as most of my workshop gear is Chinese  i couldn't really afford the big brand name stuff but i find it does mostly everything i need it to do. i have found a really good contact in a welding factory in china and find i can locate most generic plasma torches and consumables  and mig and tig gear  you can let me know what you need and i can try and source it from china for you 



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